Friday, July 6, 2012

3 AM

3 AM
Brandon Dues 

The club was a sea full of elbows and backsides
My eyes were bloody crimson like the shore during red tide
Drunk and kind of broke
Pockets getting thinner
My face was feeling numb
As a result from all the liquor

Five Jack and Cokes
I started with a cider 
I boisterously shouted at the bar keep 
“Make me a St. Elmo’s fire!”

The slags on the wall were such a dreadful bore
The theme for that night must have  been “Dress and act like you’re a whore”
As the speakers melodically  vibrated
Their nether regions jiggled
“How do they keep their balance?”
My mind is boggled by the riddle 

Returned to the bar and I think I ordered shots
The exact number escapes me so there’s a whole in this plot 
It was 12:35
A dangerously beautiful lass entered into the picture
“I’ve got to keep my cool.
Nobody likes a filthy Richard”

I settled by her side 
Now this is where the plot thickens
I let her know my name in between the haze of remixes

She smiles and we talk
I forgot to catch her name
She suggests a hasty exit
“This place is hot and kind of lame”

We continued the Oxford pleasantries as we made our way out the door
While outside, it began to rain
It quickly progressed into a heavy downpour

We ran across the street
And ducked between an alley
The Shipyard pub’s door was ajar
I can see into their galley

I apologize in advance 
But this next part is a bit fuzzy 
I was still considerably drunk 
And felt a little stuffy
I was pushed against a wall 
Her tongue was down my throat
A rain drop fell upon my head
And my phone was fucking soaked 

The next couple scenes have somehow gone missing
I vaguely remember sex
And the ferocity of our kissing 

Her body laid near
Expressionless and blank
I tapped  her on the shoulder
It would be rude not to extend thanks

To my surprise there is no response
“Is she the type that wants distance”
I pulled her body close and notice her pulse was non existent

As of now I‘m standing frozen
My mind unable to comprehend
Last night I fell in love
Now she‘s dead at 3 AM. . .

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Florestal said...

I've read a majority of your writing, and they are very promising but lack the fluidity and elegance that I know you're capable of. I suggest that you read some classics, like Alexander Dumas, Robert Frost, or Oscar Wilde (and possibly his contemporaries). "One of the best ways to become a better writer is to read what other writers have written".